My personal goal for homework #1 was to be able to mutate a given text using n-gram statistics gathered from a set of onomatopoeias. Thus, I needed two components: one that gathered n-gram statistics from any text, and another that applied the given statistics to mutate a new text. I’m interested in how the sound symbolism of onomatopoeias might alter the experience of traditional texts.

I found, on Wikipedia and Wiktionary, lists of onomatopoeias and ideophones in several languages, so I created two text files, onomotopoeia.txt and onomotopoeia_latin.txt, to scan for n-gram statistics. I used a model with unigrams up to 5-grams to mutate sea_rose.txt into several alternate texts.

My homework #1 implementation includes two programs: and A description of what each program does, what kinds of input each program expects, and what kinds of output each produces can be found in the README on my github page for homework #1.

reading3.txt generated with mutation probability = 0.5

StA nOSt

ahslo harsh host,
oucred nod wubb staxt ow neracsö
mealae nlowee, hhing
spate nf lisf,

mote noeepous
ohan p bet rosh

sizzle ow a yaem -c
yau aae caught in the nortt.

Stridel, nido voalk hearb
you ate fleba ya the sand,
pli at- liftsí
ił the croak sing
tuau drarrs ip tle wing-

Cam thu gpococrune
mrip sick aprtd googlunke
haruealk nn a lídf?

reading4.txt generated with mutation probability = 1.0

spl choo

irlop bleep bleep
afoodl don nort yadat po gattjom
nackle nortysc gaili
-bang do hoo-c

owle nortysch
kráa g don gooe
barkla ga g dong po
ppe nor pongho ho voe nortys

iizhiiłc vovo vovov yada,
otm nom nomng po hoo choo,
iue nor yadaep
li nom nomss yada
dula yadaee no vov dongl

ako cho hooppety-c
aper nomh nomia gaashoote
epingnud bl d dongy

reading5.txt generated with mutation probability = 0.9

ew- hoop

arlo, homsc gaspe
sirrup arl gooh yadat ch pongle-
umperi gaoffaw thudo
licky ho hoosh

ucho chooieko
dóli n nor nort
murous ya y stle no
yow vov nomght nn don nortys

owubble- homh gaakk perik
avo voe norty no gae norty
oou gae lishoo
væ cho choo- dant
wcho gailos ya yad yada.

pia yad nortyschsl
wlop blee nortd hoo-chooe
hahahaea ya a gaaha