reading1.html: Kneel with me.” “No,” he said.
reading10a.html: Prissy.” “You shut your mouth.” Caddy said.
reading10b.html: The creek was a quarter of a mile distant.
reading10c.html: His voice was not raised.
reading10d.html: “They will take you.
reading10f.html: No trace of them could be found.
reading10g.html: Then the copper faded into lilac,
reading10h.html: He could hear the frogs then
reading11a.html: red orange yellow green blue indigo violet
reading11b.html: science scientific scientist
reading11c.html: frozen thawing freezing cold chilly cool lukewarm warm hot boiling steaming
reading1b.html: Kneel with me.” “No,” he said.
reading2.html: It’s menfolks that take talking serious.
reading2b.html: It’s menfolks that take talking serious.
reading4.html: Up with the reel!
reading4b.html: "Hast seen the White Whale?"
reading4c.html: straightway he commanded them to lift him to his perch.
reading4d.html: The SPERM WHALE; II.
reading4e.html: "Sink him!
reading4f.html: She was manned almost wholly by Polynesians.
reading4g.html: "Wet the line!
reading5a.html: I to the Poet clove for fright.
reading5b.html: Greek language and literature.
reading6a.html: Man selling peelers in NYC
reading6b.html: Man selling peelers in NYC
reading7a.html: in his nervous thigh the weapon stood
reading8a.html: ONE dignity delays for all,
reading8b.html: ONE dignity delays for all,
reading8c.html: How pomp surpassing ermine,
reading8d.html: TWO swimmers wrestled on the spar
reading8e.html: A LONG, long sleep, a famous sleep
reading8f.html: Was ever idleness like this? 5
reading8g.html: WHERE every bird is bold to go,
reading8h.html: The foreigner before he knocks
reading8i.html: DEATH is like the insect
reading8j.html: Bait it with the balsam, 5
reading9a.html: Pa watched him, mumbling his lip.
reading9b.html: Along toward nine oclock it begun to get hot.